Delivery Information

 There are two key factors which will affect the time you receive your items.

1) Order processing time
After we received your order, we need some time to test the product in order to ensure it's quality. There are different kinds of processing time for different items. Average processing time is 1.5 working days; However, it varies from the item's stock status. As for the small quantity, the processing time is 1-3 working days, while as for the large quantity, it will be about 2-10 working days.
2) Shipping method
After we send out your items, the time when you receive your products depends on the method you choose. 
DHL    3 - 5 Working Days
UPS    4-6 Working Days
EMS    6 - 12 Working Days
ePacket  10 - 15 Working Days
Air Mail    12 - 30 Working Days

Please note that:
Package size, weight, shipping address, will also affect the length of shipping time. What we list above is the time to reach the main country and district in the world; while as for some other countries they may need transfers so the the delivery time will be longer.
If you are dropshipper, you also need to bear in mind that Customs clearance in your country could add delays and taxes or fees for the recipient, so check with your local Customs, chat to us about it, and make sure you are up front about this with your end customers. We has hundreds of regular dropship business buyers, and you can start your own international selling business with our help.
Shipping Methods
a) EMS and Air Mail are convenient for the Customs clearance but they take more time. Usually EMS needs 6-10 working days to reach the main countries in North America and Europe; while Air Mail will take 12 - 30 working days.
b) Sometimes Air Mail may take about more than 45 days to reach some countries. Please wait patiently.
Occasionally we have to change the courier you have selected because of regional restrictions, but if the courier is changed later you won't be charged extra.
Track Your Items Through a Tracking Number
When the order package is dispatched, we will send you a tracking number via email for your order tracking.
How to Pay Import Taxes
You have to know about the import duty rule of your country before placing order. As we know, many countries do not charge import duties on private items, samples, and goods below a certain stated value.
Please note:
Shipping Methods
We'll ship your goods to you by air express courier. The method of delivery varies according to different conditions of your country. We provide the following shipping methods: DHL, EMS, UPS, TNT and Air Mail.
Because Customs clearance will delay the delivery time so please choose the most convenient method. For example, UPS is fastest for North America and Europe while for Africa DHL is both fast and cheap.
Please note:
We are not responsible for the import duties and Customs cost. As we are in China and not clear about the Customs tax policy of your country, so we do not know how to predict the import duties and other relevant cost which should pay in your country when the goods are passing your country Customs.
We do not add any sales taxes or hidden charges to the orders.
We Make Every Effort to Ensuring The Quality of Your Products
We can source unique, hi-tech products from Chinese Mainland factories.
The factories are often OEMs for big, well-known electronic brands. Their product quality is excellent. But to further guarantee the quality of the products you buy from us, we've set up a rigorous quality control process for all products.
Every product you buy from us has been quality controlled by our QC technicians before it was shipped out, which is a double check over the factory QC inspection.
All products are visually inspected for good appearance.
All products are switched on and have their main functions tested one by one.
All packages are checked to ensure that they contain the correct accessories. Accessories such as earphones and cables are tested as well.
Common Problems in The Process of Shipping
a) Because of the delay or failure of the China Customs clearance(eg: It is common for the cellphones or products with battery to encounter this kind of problem), we will choose some other methods such as EMS or Air Mail to deliver your parcel and return the price disparity to you;
b) The international express can't get to some spacial addresses(eg, post office box or military base), we will accordingly choose a kind of suitable method to deliver your product and return the price disparity;
c) During the Christmas period (December), the number of the postal parcel which reach Hong Kong increases fast, which will lead to a waiting time of all the products. At that time we will choose UPS or EMS to send out your product and return the price disparity;
d) When the parcel get to the target country's Customs, they may need to contact you in certain cases to confirm details of the shipment. The fees caused by the procedure of the custom clearance should be paid by the consignee;
e) The expense caused by the parcel rejection will be afforded by the consignee;
f) The extra expense caused by some cases (eg, Address is not very clear or the consignee can not be contacted) should be paid by the recipient; if the parcel is destroyed by the Customs, the expense is also paid by the consignee;
g) the problem of detain caused by the failure of the custom clearance, we will resend the product or refund(not including shipping cost).

Methods to Solve a Shipping Problem
First of all, shipping problems are relatively rare. We check all orders to ensure the delivery information is sufficient for the courier, and tracking details are given to customers so that they know when to get the delivery.
For the problems happened in the process of shipping us will offer full assistance including:
a) In these cases which the package has apparently been broken during shipment or the package or goods are damaged, the customer can refuse receipt of the goods and clearly state the problem to the courier. Then the customer must contact us and we will resolve the matter with the courier. Once the issue has been confirmed we will follow up the insurance claim with the courier and ship a replacement order to the customer as soon as possible. Such cases are in fact very rare.
b) If the package is lost or misrouted by accident or by the fault of the courier, we will pursue the insurance claim with the courier and create a replacement dispatch of goods for the customer as soon as possible.
c) Cases where the package is delivered to the wrong address: in this eventuality us will work with the courier to solve the problem and ship new goods to the customer as soon as possible.
Please also refer to the public terms and conditions of the courier used for the shipment. Their terms will include time limits for claims and complaints about damage etc, after you have signed for the goods.